What Was Before Islam-Which Religion Was There Before

If Islam is that the true religion, then how will the person before it’s liberated? This question is usually asked by non-Muslim brothers. However, one among the most reasons for this is often that they understand that Islam may be a mere 1400 year old religion created by Muhammad (Salallaho alaihi wasallam).

This question has also been created by an equivalent misconception that the faith of Islam dates back only 1400 years, and Muhammad (salallaho alaihi wasallam) is its founder when Muhammad (salallaho alaihi wasallam) isn’t the founding father of Islam but the last The promoter was the last Rasul, and it’s clear that whoever is that the last are going to be the primary .

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What Was Before Islam-Which Religion Was There Before

So Who Is That The First One?
It is mentioned in many places within the Quran that “Adam (Alaihi Salaam) is that the first”. He was also the primary promoter, the primary messenger of God, who delivered the divine message to his offspring and gave divine instruction, and whatever he told, it had been Islam at that point , or rather, from which he started the faith of Islam.

Here the question arises that he wont to offer namaz, fasting or zakat etc. like today’s Muslims?
the apparent answer is that it’s not necessary that they ought to even be ordered to try to to an equivalent because only the name of Roza, Namaz etc. isn’t Islam but the name of observance of divine orders is Islam.

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Therefore, before Muhammad (Salallaho alaihi wasallam), all the Nabis or Rasools or message carriers came and whose number is mentioned within the hadiths to 1 lakh 24 thousand, who consistent with the Quran brought the teachings in several languages in several regions, they took their time In Islam, whatever it offered was Islam of that point .

It’s also vital to verify here that, the Quran tells us that God has sent guides to succeed in His message in every area and nation of the planet and to inform truth path. The message he gave to his people was the Islam of that point .

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