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These Are The 9 Precious Things Of Islam- इस्लाम की 9 अनमोल बातें

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These are the 9 precious things of Islam These things lead life to righteousness. Protects him from crimes ..Muhammad’s entire life may be a symbol of truth, courage, compassion, compassion, brotherhood and unwavering trust in God.

He told numerous things for the great of citizenry , if they’re implemented then the planet will end hate, fight, evil and every one negative things.

Qayamat-Those Who Believe In The Day Of Qayamat & Allah Finally Must Pay Attention To These Things

These Are The 9 Precious Things Of Islam- इस्लाम की 9 अनमोल बातें

For the aim of making artificial scarcity within the market, the person held the grain for forty days to supply a price, that is, God hoarding has no relation with him. Then God won’t forgive him albeit he donates that grain. Even his prayers for forty years won’t be accepted by God.

Immunity Booster-इम्यूनिटी बढ़ाने के चक्कर में घरेलू नुस्खे बन सकते हैं खतरनाक

1-Muhammad said that if an individual plants or cultivates a bird, man or any animal, then it’ll be counted within the virtue of that man (who plants or cultivates). .

2-Whoever plants a palm , Allah will give him the maximum amount fruit as he can from the tree.

3-There shouldn’t be any entry into the house of others without permission, nor should they stare, nor their privacy should be breached.

4-It has further been said that creating misogyny, envy, disharmony, enmity among people is that the work that dumps all the goodness, goodness, good qualities of an individual who does so.

5-The one that sold a faulty thing in such how that the customer isn’t made conscious of the error, Allah is angry at him and therefore the angels of Allah curse him.

6-don’t check out foreign women with evil eyes. Eyes also are adulterous, and taking such malicious eyesight is adultery. Many evils begin with this.

7-don’t show prefer to whomever you donate. Donate in such how that if your right is given, then the left isn’t known. don’t boast .

8-don’t leave anything within the food vessel i.e. don’t waste food. there’s a difference in each grain. Clean the vessel completely. Never waste food

9-Use water carefully, albeit you’ve got taken water from the reservoir and are using water sitting on its side. don’t use excess water.

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