The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ-Bismillah HirrahmanirrahimAlhamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen, Vassalatu Vassalamu Ala Aalihi and Ashabihi Ajmaiin-In a statement describing the intentions of a man, Khalayat, Irshad forms: “I have not produced the jinn and humans for anything other than that they worship me.” (Surah Azhaariyat: 56), Allah chooses His Prophet from among the humans to tell the way of his worship, and the Prophet proclaims the people of Allah about his worship with the help of his word and execution.

The continuation of the Prophet’s death from Adam Alaihissalam, Allaah Allaah ended Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, that means that no prophet or Rasool will bring new Shari’a to this world. For the jinns or humans who are coming up to death, Allaah has chosen Islam as it is the command of Allah: “Today I have made you humble for you, you have fulfilled your reward and you have given Islam to me Like (forever). ”(Surah Almaida: 3)

What Was Before Islam-Which Religion Was There Before

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

Therefore, for the success and success of human beings, it is the right way to follow Islam, as it is currently said: “Any person who wants to practice any other way other than Islam, he will not be humbled and ultimately he will I will include those who will be the ones who will suffer the hardship ”(Surah Aale Imran: 85), Dinah Islam carries many things within itself, out of which some of the goodness of Islam is offered:

Only Mabude Haqqi i.e. the worship of Allah Rabbul Izzat

One of the great features of Islam is that Deen Islam proclaims that all the people and people, but the whole owner of the whole work, and Allah is just the one who is worthy of worship, no example of that, he hearer , Is a seeing, knowing, has no child, nor is he a child. All are in love with him, he is not loved by anyone, he alone is running the Nizam of this whole work, he has no share, he made the sun shine, set the floor for him, he is the one who ordered the morning And he has made the night a time of peace, he is the one who extracts lifeless things from lifeless things and lifeless things from lifeless things. There is great pride in the world that has all the sovereignty in its hands and is completely in control of everything, there are many people in the world who believe in that reality, but the one who is most concerned about it, the one who roams the world with his message , Who are the most Muslims, even in this era, who are crying in front of them, asking for their needs, asking for their needs, sacrificing their lives and goods and time to gain their wealth, Rather, it would not be confusing to say that in spite of the sorrows, in reality only Muslims are trying for the cause of Allah.

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The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

Faith in all prophets

Allah blesses: “Say that we believe in Allah and what (the book) was brought on us and on the instruction that Abraham, Ismail, Yaqub and his children were taken from their families and they were We do not make any difference between any of the prophets that were given to Moses, Jesus and other prophets, and we are bowing our heads before him (Allah). Any person who wants to practice another deed except Islam, will not be humbled by it and eventually he will be included among those who will suffer harm ”(Surah Alay Timan: 84, 85)

One of the features of Islam is that faith will be fulfilled at the same time as the last prophet Huzre Akram Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, as well as all the prophets from Hazrat Adam Alaihissalam including Hazrat Ibrahim Alahissalam, Hazrat Jesus Alaihismal should be believed, while the case of Jews and Christians is the opposite, that if a person is a prophet of Muhammad, he goes out of his religion, with faith in all the prophets in Islam, and this belief also It is important to bring that the previous Shariahs have become desirable, so both the implementation of Islam is necessary for success.

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

A complete rule for life in Islam

There is also a quality of Islamic religion that Islam has represented for the entire life in Imaniyat, Ibadat, Muammalat and Muashrat in such a way that every person will spend every single moment of his twenty-four hours of life according to his training. -Akram could pass on the way of Sallallahu Alaihi Vasallam. The Prophet of Allah Ta’ala and the Prophet of Nabi-e-Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is safe from Intayhai Moatbar Zarae till date, and Allah will bless Allah till the end of tomorrow. No book of any religion in the world is safe from such a musty statement that has been used to protect the Quran and Hadith. Din has been described in Islam as a way of eating, drinking, sleeping and even arranging. There have also been statements about the way of walking, repeated warnings have been given to Allah as well as to warn them of the dictates of the rule of prisoners, because this earthly life is to prepare for a great test and Ultimately, success depends on the trait of this life.

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

Man’s value

As a human being, Dinah Islam has honored every person with respect, like Muslims, respect for non-Muslims and the protection of their clothes and belongings is always there. Allah blesses: “The fact is that we have honored Adam’s children and have given them pleasure in both happiness and salvation, and have given them a wealth of good things and have given them a lot of freedom” (Surah Bani Israil: 70), Dinah Islam has made his followers prohibited to worship the prayers of every human being with their prayers and religious figures. Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Vassallam, through his judgments and decrees, conferred legal status on this Tahafuz, forbidding any person in Islam from abusing or torturing him or taking his goods undeservedly or killing him Gone is the person who believes in any religion.

Islam and Rwadari

What would be a better example of Radwari is that the Islamic Shariat did not force any non-Muslim to accept the religion of Islam, but only gave training and training. Allah commands: “There is no compulsion in the poor” (Surah al-Baqarah: 256) Likewise, Allah commands: “You may say that it is right for your God, whoever believes in it and whose life Whether it refuses ”(Surah Alqahf: 29), the Islamic view is not to force anyone to accept Islam by offering a feast of Islam, but to leave him free to decide his destination, the date is witness that Barre The acceptance of millions of human beings in Islam was just because of their choice of Islam, and there was no coercion with them. In Barre Sagir, a large number of those who accepted Islam had entered Islam only because of the admonition and practice of our Asafl and their own accounts. Deen Islam has established a light-hearted practice of reconciling with non-Muslims. Once you passed a Jewish prayer in front of Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, then you stood in his prayer. Sahaba asked why such a demeanor for non-Muslims? So you Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said Irshad: Isn’t he a human being? (Rightly Bukhari), non-Muslims did not have to face coercion and coercion to accept strong Islam from any caliph or Muslim ruling.

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

Islam and the rule of humans

No one is able to find the religion of Islam as much as he has taken care of the hooks of human beings, Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said Irshad: Do you know who the Mufalis are? Sahaba has obtained a Mufalis near us who does not have any money and goods of the world. You Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam made Irshad, the perfect person of my Ummah is the one who will bring many namaz, roza, zakat (and other maqbool prayers) on the Day of Judgment, but the condition is that he has abused someone, eaten someone’s goods If someone has lost his blood or has beaten someone, then one of his rights will be given the rights (of his rights), so the other rights (of his rights) will be given. Will go Then, if all the goodness of the others will be finished before the hooks are repaid, then the crimes of those heirs and mercenaries (which they have done) will be taken from them and put on that person and then throw that person in the pot. Jaaz (Muslim), Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, made Irshad, whoever persecuted or inflicted excessively on a recluse, I will fight him daily for the sacrifice of that non-Muslim (Abu Dawood), In the same way once you Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said Irshad: Beware, I will forbid you to take an undue hold on the Amwal of non-Muslim Akaliyats (Tabrani Almojumal Kabir). Special redress has been issued for payment of wife’s hookah, neighbors ‘hookah and workers’ hookah. Yatim, Bewah and Mazloom have been given special consideration in Deen Islam.

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

Islam is the religion of amn and salamati

This world has been ruled by Muslims for more than a thousand years and has been waving the flag of Tauheed from Mashriq to Maghrib, but during this time no religious preference was raised, no terror was born but respect for non Muslims like Muslims. And their equipment and accessories were fully protected. A Christian of Hira was killed by a man in Khilafat during the visit of Hazrat Umar Farooq Razi. Hazrat Umar Farooq Razi got the information, so you ordered that the murderer be handed over to the heirs of Maktool to get revenge, so the murderer was killed. (Adiriyyah fi takhriji ahadisil hidaya)

Islam and brotherhood

The Islamic Shari’at has offered a treat to all people with good faith, whether it is a believer of any religion, but has also emphasized the brotherhood of Muslims among themselves, but Allah promises: “The truth is that all Muslims There are brothers, so make peace among you and be afraid of Allah, so that mercy may be with you ”(Surah Alhujrat: 10), Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam framed Irshad:“ Friendship, Etihad and Shafqat. The example is like Jism, when there is a problem in some part of the body, then the whole body is unable to sleep and sleep.

Mahmood and Ayaz stood in the same white

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

There is no one closed or no one is bound

The beautiful manzar of Benazir brotherhood among Muslims is visible during the Hajj days when people of color and race, mainly from the world, gather to perform Haj. A Muslim does not feel any groan in sitting, getting up, eating and drinking at par with any other Muslim, but every person considers his honor and success in killing his brother with his life and goods. In spite of mutual disbelief, more brotherhood is still available today among all Muslims, because Muslims keep faith in the success of each other in the fight against each other.

Islam and Musawat

The message of Islamic religion is that all human beings are equal, even if they are not equaled globally, the real rain and glory are on the foundation of the fear and righteousness of Allah, as Allah proclaims that the man of you is the one. The one who is the one who does the greatest punishment (Surah Alhujrat: 13) On the occasion of Hajjatul Wadaa, the last title of Hajuare Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam gives the instruction of Musawat. O people, your God is one, your father is one, all of you are children of Adam and Adam was born from the soil. Among you, the one with the highest respect for Allah is the one who is the most free from you, that is to fear Allah. No Ajmi achieved any punishment on Arabic or white with ruddy and siah color (Musanad Ahmad). , The person who will be speeding in this way, the same world will be fast and finally, the floor will not require any racial certificate, but only the way of the passersby, dieting and brotherhood and love is the journey of the passengers of this path.

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

Islam and Akhlaq

One of the important features of Islamic Islam is that the Islamic Shariah has given a special training to make Akhlaq better than ever, but Allah Ta’alaa is the prophet of his Prophet: “And surely you are on top of Akhlaq” ( Surah Al Qalam: 4) When you were asked about the Akhalaq of Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam from Hazrat Ayesha Razi, you said: You were the narrator of Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam according to the Qurani Talimat (right Bukhari and right Muslim), Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam framed Irshad: I have been sent (Musnad Ahmad) to the best of the Akhlaq, Hazrat Anas Razi says that I did not care about anything for ten years, Hazall Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Framaya, did not do any work, why did he do it and likewise he did not do any work or why he did not. Hazare Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam was better than all the world in Akhlaq. (Tirmizi) Hazrat Ayesha Razi र proclaims that Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Vassallam was neither a lover of nature nor did he talk at all, nor did he talk about the warfare in the markets, he did not give revenge to evil, but forgiveness. Were and do not even care for it (Tirmizi)

The Benefits Of Deen Islam-दीने इस्लाम की अच्छाइयाँ और ख़ूबियाँ

Women’s Place in Islam

The women whom Islam has established as an Imtiazi status, women are weak, you Sallallahu Alaihi Vassallam repeatedly told Sahaba that she should treat the women with the soft, to give them their hearts Please have patience on the exasperating things dealt with. Once Hazare Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam framed Irshad: treat women well, because these women are under your supervision. Once about the education and behavior of the girls, Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said Irshad: The person who patronized a girl and made good progress, then this girl will be hindered by the fire of jealousy on the day of Judgment. You, Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, set themselves examples of good behavior with women in front of Sahaba. Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam gave the message to the world by marrying the Beawas not to leave the Bewans alone but also to honor them in their favor. Today, Maghribi is nudging women in the name of Tehzeeb Freedom, instead of making the mother, daughter and sister of women, they are being targeted for lust by making a club of women and clubs, their honor and name is being looted in the street Is, walking in fine, tight and wearing a small veneer is considered illusory, the woman is being tortured and angry. It is in the honor and honor of the woman to make the home of her enthusiasts her home, to decorate her house and to make the best of children, yes it is permissible to meet the woman with certain conditions.

Importance of ilm in Islam

Allah Ta’ala has mentioned the special importance of ilm many times in his kalam, first he gave a promise to the humans coming from the word of Ibteda ‘Iqra’ to the doom, to be worshiped with the jewel of the ilm. Rahmatul lil Alameen Huzure Akram Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam also mentioned the special importance of Islam and Fazilat again and again, but remember that in the Quran and Hadith, where the importance of Ilm is emphasized, it is also mentioned that Ilm At the same time, there will be a state of unbelievable value and mercy when through it one will get the fear of Allah and the recognition of Allah and it is evident that this condition arises only from the purposed ilm obtained from the Qur’an and Hadith, so we must worship the worldly Uloom and The field of science and new technology should also move forward, but the Qur’an and Hadith should be roshanas. If we become a doctor, engineer or science donor, but are far from advocating for Allah and His Messenger, then the loss is a loss for us.

Islam is a religion used to bring Pakiza Muashre

Dinah Islam has denied the lack of measure, interest, bribe, gambling, alcohol and other intoxicating things, so that a good and clean environment can be brought into existence by avoiding these halting diseases, lies, poverty , Bad thing, abusing or deceiving a person, a conspiracy has been given to end common evils like Takbabur, Fujikharchi. Instead of transacting with Muashre’s junk, jahej is a way of performing marriage with simplicity, Islam is a religion that protects the Nasab. Reconciliation with the male woman has been denied. The first look is unbecoming of a non-Mehram woman, but issued a directive not to take a second look. For the protection of the woman, it is forbidden for women to travel without Shauhar or Mehram. Islam defends the goods of every person, has chosen to steal, robbery or take undiscovered goods of someone. Islam takes full care of the poor, the misbegotten and the needy, the Maladars are thus trained to give zakat and goodwill, and the repeated training of Yatim and Bewah. Islam has established such a rule of Zakat that Daulat should not be confined to a few houses. Dedicated daily to the poor people to participate in the sorrow, so that the hardness of earthquake thirst is realized. The wisdom of Allah Ta’ala was trained to respect the values ​​like water, fire and air. Books should be written to describe the goodness and goodness of Islam, but I have mainly tried to mention some of the goodness and goodness of Islam. May Allah bless this fate and accept it, both where Ajre Azim Ata Farmaye, Amen Summa Amen.

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