Naat Sharif 2020 New Heart Touching Beautiful Naat Sharif Islam Sunnat

Naat Sharif 2020 New Heart Touching Beautiful Naat Sharif Islam Sunnat-Naʽat is verse in recognition of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. The training is mainstream in South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan and India), regularly in Bengali, Pashto, Punjabi or Urdu. individuals that present Naʽat are alluded to as Naʽat Khawan or sanaʽa-khuaʽan. Selective “Applause to Allah” and Allah alone is named Hamd, to not be mistaken for ‘Na’at’.

In Arab nations, verses and acclaims said for Muhammad are called Madih nabawi.It is hard to follow the historical backdrop of Naʽat khawani since no validated record of when it had been started are regularly found.

Naat Sharif 2020 New Heart Touching Beautiful Naat Sharif Islam Sunnat

One early creator, Hassan, was alluded to as Shair-e Darbaar-e Risalat. Indeed, even before tolerating Islam he was an artist, yet subsequent to grasping Islam he gave a substitution address his verse and started composing Na’ats out of appreciation for Muhammad.

He was well known for his verse that guarded Muhammad because of opponent artists who assaulted him and his religion. In this way, Hassan is perceived on the grounds that the main sana-khawaan (naʽat reciter) of that point . at that point numerous a writer followed this pattern and completely committed themselves towards composing of naʽats.

Naat Sharif 2020 New Heart Touching Beautiful Naat Sharif Islam Sunnat

अहले सिरात रूहे अमी को खबर करें
जाती हे उम्मते नबवी फर्श पर करें

इन फितनाहाए हश्र से कह दो हजर करें
नाजो के पाले आते है रह से गुजर करें

बद है तो आप के है भले है तो आप के
टुकडों से तो यहां के पले रुख किधर करें

सरकार हम कमीनो के अतवार पर ना जाए
आका हुजूर अपने करम पर नजर करे

उन की हरम के खार कशीदा है किस लिये
आंखों में आएं सर पे रहें दिल मे घर करें

जालों पे जाल पड़ गए लिल्लाह वकत है
मुश्किल कुशाई आप के नाखुन अगर करें

मन्जिल कड़ी है शाने तबस्सुम करम करें
तारों की छाठं नूर के तड़के सफर करें

किलके रजा है खंजरे खूंखार बरक बार
आदा से केहदो खैर मनाएं ना शर करें.

Naat Sharif 2020 New Heart Touching Beautiful Naat Sharif Islam Sunnat

Ahle Siraat Ruhe Ami Ko Khabar Karen
Jaati He Ummte Nabvi Pharsh Par Karen

En Phitnaahaaa Hashr Se Kah Do Hajar Karen
Naajo Ke Paale Aate Hai Rah Se Gujar Karen

Bad Hai To Aap Ke Hai Bhale Hai To Aap Ke
Tukdon Se To Yahaan Ke Pale Rukh Kidhar Karen

Sarkaar Ham Kamino Ke Atvaar Par Naa Jaaa
Aakaa Hujur Apne Karam Par Najar Kare

Un Ki Haram Ke Khaar Kashidaa Hai Kis Liye
Aankhon Men Aaan Sar Pe Rahen Dil Me Ghar Karen

Jaalon Pe Jaal Pad Gaye Lillaah Vakat Hai
Mushkil Kushaai Aap Ke Naakhun Agar Karen

Manjil Kadi Hai Shaane Tabassum Karam Karen
Taaron Ki Chhaathan Nur Ke Tadke Saphar Karen

Kilke Rajaa Hai Khanjre Khunkhaar Barak Baar
Aadaa Se Kehdo Khair Manaaan Naa Shar Karen.

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