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Media Research On Islam And The Hijab

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Media Research On Islam And The Hijab-Time, people, culture, society, and therefore the environment we are surrounded by, can produce the formation of the many perspectives regarding a problem that we see in today’s society. one among many controversial topics is Islam and therefore the Hijab.

Many questions and generalizations are often formed within the minds of the many non-Muslims with regard to the concepts behind the Hijab through the influence of the media.Throughout the years of conflict between the “West” and “Islam”.

Media Research On Islam And The Hijab

The media has strongly altered the minds of non-Muslims by negative exploitation of Islam, and Muslims, especially on Muslim women. Misconceptions like , “Are you bald underneath” “Do you attend roll in the hay that on?” to the association of “terrorism” that contrasts to what Muslim women believe the Hijab represents.

A common misconception is “the Islamic Hijab are some things cultural, not religious”. the utilization of the word “cultural” is faulty when describing the Hijab because it implies that it’s a results of customs and practices that are something break away Islam. The cultural dress is mentioned the traditional Pre-Islamic Era (Jahiliyah). it’s the veil from the Pre-Islamic Era that’s considered as “traditional” which stops women from contributing in society.

Media Research On Islam And The Hijab

On the contrary, the Islamic Hijab isn’t considered as an off-the-cuff tradition, nor does it lower her self-respect. The Hijab is aimed toward presenting women with poise and equality in society. An example of Pre-Islamic era in our times is that the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban are a celebration who regard such activities un-Islamic for ladies , who are prohibited from exercising their primary rights. The Taliban have banned women from employment outside the house , aside from the health sector, and have terminated education for women .

Prophet Mohammad (peace & blessings be upon him) said, “Seeking knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim”. Even Henry VIII forbid women to review the Bible when the primary English translations began to seem . It’s an understatement although the Taliban claim their guiding philosophy on women are in situ to make sure the physical protection and self-respect of girls , where as, many Afghan women are killed, beaten and publicly hung. for several Afghan women fear of being severely punished by the Taliban is their main security concern.

Media Research On Islam And The Hijab

Another misconception is “Muslim women haven’t any right in Islam”. Islam gave women rights over 1400 years ago, which remains ignored by many Muslims and non-Muslims today. Firstly, Islam has given women the essential right to freedom of speech. within the youth of Islam, the leaders of the Islamic state regarding legal issues consulted women. Rights that were appointed to Muslim women since the start of your time are barely surfacing for non-Muslims.

In Islam, a lady is liberal to be whom she is inside, and guarded from being portrayed as a sex symbol and lusted after. Islam praises the status of a lady by commanding that she “enjoys equal rights to those of man in everything, she stands on an equal footing with man” (Qur’an, Nadvi: 11) and both share mutual rights and obligations altogether aspects of life.

Many women are treated in ways faraway from Islamic ideals, yet within the name of Islam. The Taliban is an example of a cultural and political name that has been branded with Islam. there’s no freedom for ladies if they’re imprisoned in their range in the name of the Hijab and Islam. Moreover, the veil of Islam isn’t related to the veil of oppression.

Media Research On Islam And The Hijab

Women that are regaining their identity and role in society, are now wearing the Hijab and are embracing its concept of liberation. they’re taking their lawful places that Islam had awarded them fourteen hundred years ago. In fact, the western women had no rights nor did they need rights over their husband. Not only were woman the property of their husband but so were their possessions. In 1919 women in England fought for his or her rights to be elected to parliament. due to their demands, they were imprisoned by the govt and suffered greatly. it had been not until the late nineteenth and early twentieth century when women got these rights.

A quote from the Qur’an in Surah 2: 26 states:
“And for ladies has rights over men, almost like those of men over women.”

The background history between Islam and therefore the West will shed some light on why Muslims are portrayed so negatively within the media. Some strong contributing factors are the medieval western conflict, the crusades, the oil crisis of the 1970’s, the Lebanese war , the Iranian revolution, the Gulf war, and therefore the explosive Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the 9/11 bombings, the Bali Massacre and therefore the London bombings. of these events have caused Islam to be consistently related to violence and unresolved conflict. Furthermore, the view of Muslims as being violent typically explains why Muslims are seen to determine a threat to the West. during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the foremost effective ways the media attempts to somehow prevent Islam being seen in a positive frame is to develop propaganda against Muslims and Islam.

The media is in a position to use the Hijab as a way of exploiting Muslim women, and degrading them. The media assumes, in some cases, that the actions of 1 Muslim are representations of the overall Muslim population. this is often generalization. This sets a example for members of society to abuse and degrade them.

An image of a Muslim woman wearing the chador was labelled as “like death out for a walk” within the Australian Magazine, 25-26 Jan. 1995 issue. The media implied to locate the position of girls in Islamic society as dominated. The image also portrayed the difference between Muslim and Western Women in today’s society.

In current affair programs, people watching are bombarded with images of Muslims as savage terrorists, killing innocent people with no remorse. What results from this is often the viewers of those programs, recognize and accept only the labels, and thus with Islam immediately associating it with negative images.

Media Research On Islam And The Hijab

I asked a resident from Parramatta, who wished to be kept anonymous if “the September 11th bombings altered their mind about Islam and Muslim women?” He said “I never knew Islam and therefore the Qur’an preached terrorism. it’s made me conscious of Islam and therefore the teachings. It increased my awareness of the complexities of Islam and politics within the Middle East including the veiling of Muslim women”. This answer shows how influential the media is towards its viewers.

Throughout the western society, the practice of Muslim women wearing the Hijab has resulted in extreme points of view towards their so-called “oppression” and lack of freedom. Despite the apparent portrayal of Muslim women and myths that surround it such as; “Muslim women are oppressed”, there continues to be an abundance of Western women reverting to Islam. What Islam uses to guard women is that the Hijab. this is often ironic because the Western media often portray the Muslim veil as a suppressive force during a woman’s life.

Media Research On Islam And The Hijab

Every Muslim woman is required to wear a shawl or some kind of veil and loose-fitting, modest attire. this is often not a way of controlling a woman’s sexuality or suppressing her but rather, a way for cover . It implies by dressing this manner she is going to not be seen as a mere sex symbol but are going to be appreciated for her intellect. Furthermore, it’ll not subject her to harassment. it’s interesting to state the top covering for ladies isn’t an Islamic innovation but was also practiced by Judeo-Christian women centuries earlier, and yet is laughed at by the West today.

Naima Omar, a student of University of Western Sydney says “It is funny to mention an equivalent veil worn by catholic nuns for God is despised and presented as a logo of subjection and domination when it’s worn by Muslim women for the intention to guard themselves and devoting them self to God”.

The term Islam means “submission to the desire of Allah” and “peace”. Muslims believe Islam isn’t a faith but a present that has been awarded to them. They believe Islam is that the way of life which is harmonious however the media portrays the other .

Maria Moskovakis, 18, a Orthodox says “yes in fact Muslims are presented negatively within the news. An action by one Muslim is presented with such a lot bias. If one Muslim commits a criminal offense , it’s not the person but the faith presented that goes to trial. What we hear and see is all controlled.

As El-Gharib (1996-97) noted, television, books, newspapers, and magazines are wont to present Islam as being a backward and barbaric religion. it’s been seen as oppressive and unjust; and quite this, it’s seen as being most oppressive to women. These various sorts of media misrepresent Islam in several ways, however largely achieve an equivalent negative result – the creation of a growing barrier of confusion and hostility between Islam and it’s followers, and therefore the West.

Muslims have an obligation to fulfil which is to teach themselves, their children to realize knowledge which is ordained upon them no matter their race, gender and legal status etc.
A Hasan Hadith narrated by Ibn Majah within the Qur’an states:
“Seeking knowledge may be a duty on every Muslim” and thus gaining knowledge is considered an act of worship. Stopping any Muslim from gaining an education no matter age and sex isn’t Islamic.

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