Boy And Girl Names How To Find Popular Cool And Unique Or Modern Muslim Name

Boy And Girl Names How To Find Popular Cool And Unique Or Modern Muslim Name-Here are some ways in which can hopefully assist you to unravel your trouble by finding the proper Muslim name if you’re having difficulty within the first place, for your baby or yourself, etc.

Now these ‘aids’ that I’m close to mention could be quite obvious to ‘most’ people or something but nevertheless here they are:

Boy And Girl Names How To Find Popular Cool And Unique Or Modern Muslim Name

1) you’ll try naming your baby from your generation. Like if your grandfather was named ‘Yusuf’ then you’ll use that to call your son. That way it not only helps you to save lots of time of finding the proper name that you simply want to use but it also can be more meaningful since a reputation is being passed down by a generation and also it’s good too because ‘Yusuf’ is one among the 25 prophets, out of 124’ooo prophets approximately , that was ready to be mentioned within the Qur’an.

2) Try only choosing the muslim names that interest you the foremost let’s imagine for instance you found about uhh…oh i don’t, 10 names that you simply liked. then you’ll attempt to put that so as from most liked to least liked. That way after browsing all the names, you ought to inshallah find one particular name that you simply simply found the foremost interesting; just like the one that you found sounds good, looks good and feels good to you (meaning it feels right; the proper name for you to choose). And of course more importantly the name you found should have an honest meaning also . One example with a reputation that features a good meaning is ‘reward’ which comes from the name ‘Thawab’ (this one are often used for either boy or girl).

Boy And Girl Names How To Find Popular Cool And Unique Or Modern Muslim Name

3) you’ll try using one among the 99 names/attributes of Allah. But before doing so put an ‘Abdul’ ahead of it which suggests Slave or servant of. So for instance you’ll use Abdul Sabur meaning ‘Servant of the patient’. Or how about other names like Abdur-Rahman ( Servant of the foremost Gracious), Abdur-Raheem (Servant of the foremost Merciful), Abdus-Sameei (Servant of the All-Hearing), etc.

4) Here are some prophets names that were mentioned within the Qur’an, maybe you’ll use these. By the way there have been 25 prophets that were mentioned within the Holy Book of the Quran. Here are some names that you simply can use for your Muslim baby if you would like or if you would like to call yourself, etc. There’s Muhammed (Muhammad) which is really i think the foremost popular and customary name out there and it had been definitely of that within the U.K. I’m unsure if it’s still a standard name there but I heard it’s overtaken the name ‘George’.And it are often also good to use this name since he was the last important prophet (P.B.U.H). Umm so other Muslim names that you simply can provides it a glance are Ya’qub, Idris, Nuh, Hud, Salih, Lut, Ibrahim or Shu’ayb, Adam, Dhu’l Kifl, etc.

Boy And Girl Names How To Find Popular Cool And Unique Or Modern Muslim Name

5) Here are some my favourite Muslim names that’ll hopefully interest you and allow you to choose what quite Muslim name you would like to select for your baby, yourself, etc. So a number of my favourite boy names are:

– Butrus: The Arabic sort of ‘Peter’
– Ghutayf: Affluent
– Hammam: an excellent man, a chief, a hero
– Khalid(Khaled): Eternal, glorious
– Mamdouh: One who is Commended, glorified, praised
– Zaman: Time, destiny

…And for women they are:

– Aamanee: Good wish
– Futun: Fascinations
– Hawwa: Eve
– Layla: Born in the dark , dark beauty
– Malmal: Soft
– Nazneen: Beautiful

Anyway essalamualaykum and inshallah you’ll find the proper name for your baby or yourself.

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